Forensic Voice Comparison


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Located in Wiesbaden, Germany, provides almost two decades of experience in compiling forensic speaker comparison reports including the analysis of the languages spoken in a changing Europe today.

Other domains of forensic speech and audio analysis services are offered upon request.

Dr Jessen has extensive court experience: reports have been prepared and presented in court continuously and full time since 2005.

Preparation of comparisons will be carried out without delays and presented professionally and reliably. will adhere to the international guidelines for the conduct of voice comparisons and will work according to judicial requirements of a country. Methods and results will be presented in an intelligible and transparent manner, with a near-native-command of English.

These services will be provided for the presentation of evidence in courts of law, for the police, customs, and other authorities.

I hope that you find the information on this office and its background informative. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Dr Marianne Jessen

Forensic Phonetics

Forensic Phonetics

Forensic phonetics is a specialization within the field of experimental phonetics. Beyond this, forensic phonetics is an interdisciplinary technical and speech technology-oriented specialization within the field of forensic sciences. It includes but is not limited to the application of phonetic-linguistic analyses. is specialised in these domains.

Expert Witness Reports


Expert reports and their presentation in court in the following domains of forensic phonetics:

  • Voice comparison reports: in a forensic voice comparison, an audio recording from a criminal act is compared with the recording of a suspect. (All languages)
  • Consultation with language experts on linguistic aspects of a speaker comparison case (if the language is not German)
  • Presentation in court
  • Transcriptions and disputed utterances (German only)
  • Speaker profiles (German only)
  • Application of automatic speaker recognition as part of a report when possible


Bio Sketch
  • PhD in experimental phonetics with forensic specialization
  • M.A. in clinical linguistics and phonetics
  • Certified lecturer for German as a second language
  • Professional experience in voice and articulation physiology and patholgy
  • Professional experience in phonetic and linguistic second language patterns
  • International academic training in phonetics
  • Foundation of in 2005 and owner
  • Adj. Asst. Professor at UMGC since 2018